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Hide Your Goat
Strategies to Stay Positive When Negativity Surrounds You
by Steve Gilliland

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Our fast-paced and stress-filled schedules open the gate to allow people and circumstances every opportunity to "get our goat." HIDE YOUR GOAT puts into perspective how your daily life intersects with people of diverse backgrounds, opinions and personalities. In this eye-opening CD, Steve Gilliland shows how to avoid being robbed of the opportunity to perform at peak performance because of negativity.

Key Takeaways from this dynamic & inspiring CD

  • How to head off conflict when negativity runs rampant and how to improve your own outlook
  • How to deal with by-products of bad attitudes
  • How to assign the right value to every situation and not give people permission to ruin your day

"Steve Gilliland's presentation at the SHRM Conference in Washington, DC on the topic of Hide Your Goat was the most powerful presentation I have ever heard in all the years of attending the SHRM conference. Only one word can describe it…WOW!"

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